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In his 55 years behind the microphone for the Dodgers, Jarrin, who was born in Ecuador, has seen the growth of Latino players in the Majors, and he feels fortunate to have watched history unfold. He witnessed Felipe Alou develop from a young player from the Dominican Republic in the ’50s to a big league manager in the ’90s, and eventually become one of the most respected men in the sport.

He watched Venezuela’s Luis Aparicio become a pioneer at shortstop and Puerto Rico’s Vic Power change the way first basemen played defense. He had a front-row seat to the mania created by a screwball-throwing left-hander from Mexico named Fernando Valenzuela in the ’80s. And he saw the potential of a skinny kid from the Dominican Republic named Pedro Martinez.

Jarrin smiles when he thinks of Rod Carew and Mariano Rivera, both from Panama, and his eyes widen when Puerto Rico’s Ivan Rodriguez is mentioned.

Don’t even get Jarrin started on Juan Marichal. He doesn’t have enough words to describe the “Dominican Dandy.”

“Incredible,” the broadcaster said.

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Jarrin can talk about Albert Pujols and Roberto Alomar for hours, he says, but he best describes them in one word: “amazing.”

“There are so many names of the great Latino players that have contributed to this game that we could put two or three teams together,” Jarrin said. “It tells you how rich the contributions of the players have been, and how much they have meant to this game. There have been so many all-time greats and so many players that mean so much to people.”

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“To me, Clemente is the best of all-time,” Jarrin said. “Not only was he a great player, but he also went through very tough times being a Latino during the period of time in this country. It was a delight to see him run in the outfield and those throws that he made from right field to third base and to home plate were really spectacular. Such a special, special man.”

The members of the All-Time Latino Team have at least two things in common: They are among the best players to ever take the field and they are proud of their roots. So whether they are American-born stars like Alex Rodriguez, Reggie Jackson and Ted Williams, or born in the Caribbean or Latin America, there is no denying that these men are legends of the game and relevant across the globe.

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A 12-time All-Star, “Pudge” won 10 consecutive Gold Glove Awards and, starting in 1992, was selected to play in nine straight All-Star Games. The 1999 AL Most Valuable Player, Rodriguez won a World Series title with the Marlins in 2003 and holds the record for most games caught.

Honorable mention: Javy Lopez (Puerto Rico), Yadier Molina (Puerto Rico), Tony Pena (Dominican Republic), Manny Sanguillen (Panama).

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