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when the team won the

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respectively.Modest “saints”Freeman recalled that in the 1990s he was acquainted with Mandela, Mandela played in the 2009 film “Invictus” in the. He said Mandela “For many people it is the saints, for those who cherish freedom, autonomy and human dignity is a hero.”In the film, Mandela became president of South Africa, the full support of the South African rugby team team, when the team won the world championship, inter-ethnic divide gradually air jordan 8 retro [1]disappear ……”To commemorate, we remember his victory at the same time, do not just stop at how far we’ve come, but also to think about how far we have to move forward,” Freeman said, “Madiba (Mandela) Although left us, me and everyone will continue his journey. “U.S. “Time” magazine website published the article, recalls the first time Mandela was humble when it comes to the movie after reading, “Now look, maybe people will remember me in the future.”Humor heroBritish actor and singer Elba film biography released this year: to play Mandela, “Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom”, the film based on Nelson Mandela biography published in 1994 adaptation of the same name, tells the story of his early years growing with the school experience and 27 In life behind bars.”In front of the world plays a dare challenge injustice, breaking isolation, fighting for the rights of

the people, can play Nelson Mandela how winning” Elba said.American producer Harvey Weinstein is the issuer of this film, there have been in contact with Mandela. “The ability to personally exposure Mandela’s story and spirit, share lucky difficult words.” In his eyes, Mandela’s “sense of humor and his optimism as humbling.”Mandela’s hometown, was born in South Africa’s Oscar-winning American actress Liz Charles Theron (Theron) in the micro-blog “Twitter” on message, “My thoughts and love and family with Mandela in, air jordan 4 uk [2]Rest in peace, Madiba! people will miss you, you will continue to impact the world! “Mi love to hateIrish rock band U2 frontman Bono issued a statement praising Mandela ‘association came to this world is passing humanity, humor and stoic important lesson, to show us how he eventually abandoned the resentment, the courage to love. “”This is not to say that he never angry or put violent, but he understands love is a more effective way,” Bono said.Comedian Bill Cosby and his wife Camille memories, after they lost their son, Nelson Mandela’s “gracious, caring and respect that surrounded them, was sitting in his prison bed, listening to him talk about fighting experience, that is an honor. “A Leisha soul singer Franklin said Mandela’s most extraordinary places that “the

France and the African Union troops in Central Africa, hoping to pacify the situation, followed by the French decision to send more troops to Central Africa.Message from the United Nations, said 4.6 million people in the Central African Republic, about 10 percent have fled their homes. People in Moscow on December 6, according to the Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” news, “Just Russia” party, Mr Alexander Ago Aliyev and Mikhail Sher long Branch Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin to propose , the Peter Wojciech Cove Road Moscow renamed Nelson Mandela Road.Meanwhile, they also suggested that “Volkov” metro station of the same name in the same name will be renamed Nelson Mandela station.They proposed to the Mayor of Moscow said, “Given the well-known international activists, anti-apartheid fighter, Republic of South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela’s sudden death, you will be requested Volkov Moscow Subway air jordan 11 uk [3]Station Road and changed its name to the same name Nelson Mandela Metro Station Road and this name. “Two opined that Peter Volkov has been involved in the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, an action to be executed, and tried to destroy evidence of a crime. Now, a Russian Czar Nicholas II of Russia Orthodox Church has been revered as a saint. In view of this, they proposed this street was

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